Aloe - The plant of Life

Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera purifies and soothes the body, strengthens the immune system and helps to regenerate tissue. It is helpful to quicken the healing process, lower body temperature and stops itching.
This unique treatment consists of sticking together millions of micro capsules onto the fabric. These micro capsules are infinitely small but they contain the essence of Aloe Vera and they make the fabric a vehicle of well-being The micro capsules break on contact with the skin or by simple movement releasing their beneficial substances, which are rapidly absorbed by the fabric and in turn the human body hence favorably influencing sleep, attention and memory.

The Harmony Release “ “Aloe Vera” mattress cover offers a purely natural cooling system, the removable damask cover is manufactured to be hypo allergenic, anti microbial and fungo-static. The combined attributes can significantly help to reduce dust mites which are paramount for allergy sufferers. 'Aloe Vera' works by utilising body moisture to activate the aloe vera micro particles, helping to keep you cool in a completely natural way. This cover has been developed to cater for individual preference resulting from our customer’s feedback as a means to offer those of us with sensitive skin conditions more choices.

Key Benefits

  • Naturally cooling 'Aloe Vera' cover
  • Hypo allergenic, anti microbial and fungo-static
  • Significantly reduce dust mites
  • Superior ventilation
  • Ideal for asthma sufferers and skin disorders
  • Removable/washable quilted cover
  • Vacuum packed for easy handling