Coomax™ - The Advanced Moisture Management System

Why use memory foam?

How Does it Work?

I don’t want to be baffled with science, do you?, for most of us we quite simply want to know how Cool Max works therefore we have kept the explanation simple but informative. We found many of the articles too technical when researching this and to be honest we were no wiser at the end of it with many, just frustrated as it was made unnecessarily complicated!. Read on as it really is simple.

Memory Foam is undoubtedly extremely comfortable and gives an enhanced quality sleep however for some of us the sleep experience is too warm to be comfortable. Extensive research has been conducted over the years to offer a solution.

This has been found in the CoolMax cover derived from the performance fabric developed by Du Pont in 1986. This was the first fabric to have a moisture management system, CoolMax fabric removes moisture away from the skin and transfers it through to the surface. This was created by using four channel polyester fibres that are weaved together in cross sections to allow air to flow through the fabric. The term used to describe the evaporation of moisture is called ‘wicking’, in simplistic terms that’s how it works.

This advanced fabric was initially developed for the performance clothing industry and is associated with leading brands such as Berghaus, Adidas, Fila and Nike to name a but a few..

The combination of CoolMax’s moisture management system and its breathability is a winning combination, when compared to other fabrics like cotton, nylon, wool and spandex. CoolMax has the fastest drying time, and the most efficient movement of moisture from the skin and overall breathability.

We choose to use this fabric because it really
does what it says. The principals of how the Cool Max management system works has been applied to Creating Comfort’s range of Coolmax Memory foam Mattress covers. You will be guaranteed a cool, calming sleep experience without losing the luxury of your memory foam mattress.

We have 2 coolmax covers used in our Range, the standard damask cover and the luxury quilted cover to give that extra feeling of softness. Whether you are covering your existing Memory Foam Mattress or buying a new one, you will not be disappointed with the results.

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