Flexcell Generation Plus 20™

Flexcell Generation Plus 20™

The Generation 20 is constructed using three layers of different types of foam, all of which have a unique function.

The top layer is 2cm of 'Supersoft Visco -elastic Memory Foam', this is to give you that warm cosy feeling.The second layer is 7cm of temperature sensitive slow recovery Memory Foam.This works by reacting to your weight and body temperature,the even distrbution of body weight eliminates pressure points to give you a truly restful sleep.

The third, bottom layer is 11cm of High Resilient 'castellated' Foam, this has a zoned middle section which gives optimum support to hips; lower back and pelvis. This mattress is Hypo-allergenic, which is perfect for those with sensitive conditions.

Key Benefits

  • Unique design 3 layers construction
  • Hypoallergenic, anti microbial and fungo-static
  • Significantly reduce dust mites
  • Highly recommended for allergy or asthma sufferers
  • Superior ventilation
  • No need to turn
  • Easy Clean removable velour cover.
  • Overall mattress depth 20cm
  • Firmness rating = Medium /firm
  • 2cm Memory foam + 7cm Slow Recovery Memory Foam + 11cm High Resilient castellated Foam.

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    Generation Plus 20™ - MGP20