Memory Foam Cervical Support Pillow

Memory Foam Cervical Support Pillow

The Memory Foam cervical neck pillow gives the same benefits as our standard Cervical support pillow but with the added benefit of Memory Foams moulding properties.Offering exquisite luxury and support, this pillow is extremely comfortable giving you that added extra that only Memory Foam can.

Specifically shaped for cervical support, the orthopaedic crumbed filled Memory Foam pillow design has two lumbar rolls on each side of the pillow and a contoured central area which ensures the neck and spine vertebrae maintain correct alignment which ever sleeping position you prefer.

Many people suffering from severe neck pain, headaches, tension in the shoulders, upper back or spinal problems will benefit enormously from using a Memory Foam cervical support pillow,. Hypo allergenic and dust mite free, this pillow is suitable for allergy sufferers and will also help to keep the airways open. This is particularly beneficial if snoring causes you or your partner problems.

Similar in look and feel to a traditional pillow, it is filled with crumbed Memory Foam to give a luxurious quality sleep. Dimensions: 60cmx45cmx7cm.Spare covers available.

Key Features

  • Filled with Premium Crumbed Memory Foam

  • Unique design provides support as you sleep
  • Gives pain relief to the neck, shoulders and spine
  • Hypo allergenic and dust mite free. Ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers
  • Can significantly reduce snoring
  • Removable machine washable poly cotton cover.
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