Bariatric Pressure Relief Mattress

Memory Foam Relief For Obese/Bariatric Use

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The Bariatric Memory foam mattress offers the same pressure relieving properties and support as the standard pressure care mattress with the added benefit of a memory foam top layer for added comfort.

Constructed from 2 layers of CHMR high load bearing foam with a top surface layer of memory foam. Memory foam reacts with body heat and subsequently softens with contact, this process initiates memory foam "moulding properties" supporting areas of your body where it is needed most. Discomfort can be substantially reduced which in turn gives a truly restful sleep.

This mattress is ideal for those who require a pressure care mattress for higher body weights but would also like the added luxury of memory foam comfort.

Available in five standard sizes to fit larger bed frames. Will accommodate body weights of up to 64st/407kg

Bariatric Care- Key Features
  • Combined CHMR Foam and Memory Foam non turn mattress
  • Suitable for "high risk" category in the management of pressure ulcers
  • Accommodates body weights of up to 64st/407kg
  • Constructed to fit wider bed frames
  • Compliant with Bs7177:1996 medium hazzard
  • Clinically evaluated mattress IDC tested for load bearing
  • Fitted with a waterproof wipe clean vapour permeable multi stretch cover
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