Bariatric Mattresses

Bariatric is the medical term used by clinicians to describe higher body weights, however to avoid confusion, as our experience tells us that we are not all familiar with this term, it means exactly the same as obese,fator overweight.

As with many things in life if we do not fit into a “standard ”category, it can be extremely difficult to find what we are looking for and choice is very often limited. Just as we take care to buy the correct shoes for instance to give adequate comfort and support, the same consideration should be extended to our mattress.

We spend on average a third of our lives in bed, so it stands to reason that we should invest in a quality mattress that meets our individual needs, irrespective of size, shape or height the right one for you is there!

Creating Comforts bariatric Mattress range are clinically evaluated in terms of pressure care function and are designed specifically to accommodate higher body weights. Invariably those of us who fall into the category of “higher body weights” require a greater surface area to sleep on which is important to promote the correct levels of interface pressure reduction which is difficult to achieve with standard mattresses.

All of our bariatric mattresses cater for those who are at high risk of developing pressure sores, they assist movement and air flow, with the foam construction offering higher levels of comfort and support. Your body will be supported in the right places giving pressure relief where it is needed most, all of which are important factors to consider when purchasing a new mattress

We have 3 mattresses within the bariatric range to cater for individual preference and maximum weight ranges from 46st/294kg to 64st/407kg.,Constructed from high resilient grades of foam, our bariatric mattresses are available as duel layered triple layered or with a memory foam option for extra comfort.

Fitted with a multi stretch vapour permeable cover, our mattresses offer high standards Of hygiene, maintenance could not be easier as a hand wash and dry with a mild disinfectant solution is all that’s required to keep your mattress fresh and protected from accidental fluid ingress. Mattresses are available in 5 sizes to accommodate most bed frame sizes however other sizes can be made to special order.

Sizes 2000 x 900 x178mm, 2000 x1000 x178mm, 2000x1130x178mm 2000 x1200 x178mm, 2000x1130x178mm (all other sizes to special order)


Bariatric Pressure Care Mattress

High Resilient Foam Mattress - Up to 46st/294kg

Bariatric support guaranteed.Clinically evaluated to assist in the prevention of pressure sores when used in conjunction with clinical evaluation. Constructed from multi layered "high load" bearing foam with a softer support surface. Assists with movement and airflow while providing comfort, pressure area care and durability. Available in five standard sizes to fit larger bed frames. Wi...

Bariatric Pressure Relief Mattress

Memory Foam Relief For Obese/Bariatric Use

The Bariatric Memory foam mattress offers the same pressure relieving properties and support as the standard pressure care mattress with the added benefit of a memory foam top layer for added comfort. Constructed from 2 layers of CHMR high load bearing foam with a top surface layer of memory foam. Memory foam reacts with body heat and subsequently softens with contact, this process initiates...

Obese/Bariatric Pressure relief Mattress

Bariatric Care, Durable,Supportive & Comfortable

The triple layered bariatric mattress is constructed from 3 layers of high load bearing CHMR resilient foams for added support and a firmer feel with the top layer being softer for a more comfortable sleep experience. Combained they produce a highly durable mattress which will provide the support and comfort needed to assist ease of movement providing even weight distribution. Suitable for "hig...