Wheelchair Cushions

Wheelchair seat cushions in all sizes. Memory foam & gel to relieve pressure & add comfort to the cushion user.The wheelchair cushions are lightweight & wipe clean vinyl. Free UK delivery.

Our wheelchair seat cushions are suitable for most wheelchairs and can also be transferred to standard chairs, available in foam,memory foam and dual layered constructions,they are designed to give comfort and pressure relief to accommodate individual needs.

We offer a custom made service, therefore if you can't see exactly what you are looking for "contact us" for advice and a comprehensive quote.

Why buy a new cushion?

  • Vastly increase your levels of comfort
  • An exact fit for most standard wheelchairs
  • Complies with BS safety standards. Fire Retardant
  • Free UK mainland delivery and full manufacturers guarantee
  • Not the right size of cushion that you were looking for? We offer a custom "made to measure" or "bespoke" service for non standard bevelled wheelchair cushions, available on request - just email or telephone us!
  • Manufactured in the UK.

Wheelchair Accessories

If you spend large amounts of time in a wheelchair then you will know how uncomfortable it can be if you don’t have the right comfort and support. If you are looking after someone who regularly uses a wheelchair then it may help to understand exactly what is available. Prolonged periods of time in a wheelchair can lead to pressure ulcers or other symptoms like aching neck and shoulders or other aches and pains. If you imagine when sitting down in a chair or on a sofa we don’t sit bolt upright – we usually find a comfortable position and sink our head back into a chair back or cushion. When sat in a wheelchair being pushed around there is no option but to sit upright which can put a lot of pressure on the head and neck. If you don’t use a wheelchair then it may be harder to understand how uncomfortable it might be – imagine being behind the wheel of a car all day long. You want to be comfortable right but you have to sit in one position and concentrate? If you haven’t considered it before then you should definitely think about the kind of wheelchair accessories that are available to give added comfort to you or someone you know. Sitting on your bum for long periods of time would be a lot less uncomfortable with a decent wheelchair cushion.

With our range of wheelchair cushions in all sizes we have something to alleviate the chances of pressure sores, aches and pains and a cold bottom! We have 3 versions of the same size cushion but we do also offer a made to measure service.

Our memory foam wheelchair cushion is available to fit a standard wheelchair. It comes in 43cm x 43cm which is 17 x 17 inches and is offered in 2 different depths – 2 inches and 3 inches. The 2 inch is for a small to medium person and we recommend the 3 inch for larger or heavier people. The memory foam wheelchair cushion is a lightweight cushion made from memory foam and gel and is multipurpose. Because it is light and such a perfect shape you can take it from the wheelchair to the car to the house – wherever you may need it. This cushion comes in a new range of water resistant, temperature responsive, combination of memory and PU foam. This means that not only are the cushions waterproof but they also give added comfort and support. Then we have the standard wheelchair cushion. This important wheelchair accessory is made from a quality, high density, combustion modified foam. Again like the memory foam wheelchair cushion it is offered as 43cm x 43cm or 17 x 17inches – a standard size for most wheelchairs. The cushion is again available in 2 sizes to suit the size and weight of person that will be using it. These sizes are 2 inches and 3 inches deep. The cushion comes with a black vinyl zip off cover which means that for accidental spillages you can just whip it off and put it in the washing machine quickly drying ready for the next use or simply wipe up the spill with a cloth. Finally in our standard wheelchair cushion range comes the bevelled version of the standard cushion. Made from the same materials and again designed to fit standard wheelchairs the bevelled cushion is approximately 3.5 inches deep and 43cm x 43cm. So the difference with the bevelled version is it comes in the thicker depth. It does come with a removable, wipe clean cover though.

As well as the standard size wheelchair cushions we can also offer a bespoke made to measure service if what we have isn’t suitable for you. We can custom make you any of the cushions in our range as they are wheelchair cushions that are manufactured in the UK. If you contact us by phone or email letting us know the dimensions that you need we can get this made for you. Our wheelchair accessories are accessible to everyone. All of the above wheelchair cushions are designed to increase your levels of comfort or those of someone you look after that uses a wheelchair. If you or someone you know is spending a large amount of time in one they want to be, and you want them to be, as comfortable as possible with all the wheelchair accessories that they need. The cushions will also keep them warm as opposed to sitting on the cold flat surface of their chair. In fact if the cushion is used inside and then transferred to a wheelchair it will avoid having to sit directly on a cold seat if the chair is kept in the hall or the boot of a car. It is also good in the summer – sitting on a wheelchair seat with a pair of shorts on would make the backs of your legs uncomfortable and clammy.

Our wheelchair cushions comply with BSI safety standards and are fire retardant and we offer a full manufacturer’s guarantee. They are true UK wheelchair cushions as they are made right here in the UK. We also offer free delivery on our cushions so the price you see is the price you pay.


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Wheelchair Seat cushions

There are many reasons that someone may need a wheelchair. Perhaps you’re permanently confined to one because of medical reasons. Maybe you only need to use one occasionally for mobility or while you recover from surgery or an injury. No matter what the reason may be, it is no secret how uncomfortable they can become. While a wheelchair may afford you the mobility that you need, it’s no secret that the seat of the chair can become painful very quickly. When the seat become painful you may need to fidget and constantly readjust to try and get more comfortable. This fidgeting can result in a posture that is harmful to your entire body. With the Creating Comforts Wheelchair Seat Cushions we hope to alleviate the pain so that you can sit in a way that is beneficial and comfortable.

Creating Comfort wants to ensure that every single one of our customers can use our cushions to enrich their lives so we designed our new line of Wheelchair Seat Cushions to come in a variety of sizes and options. Whether you need to use one daily, only occasionally, or want to give one as a gift to someone you know in a wheelchair, we have just the cushion you’re looking for. Each of our Wheelchair Seat Cushions are made from high-end memory foam and gel so that you get maximum relief and comfort even when sitting for long periods. The Wheelchair Seat Cushions are uniquely designed to relieve pressure from your hip joints and the spine so that you can easily sit in a position that is best for you and your body.

For ease of use Creating Comfort has made sure that all of the cushions in the line are light weight so that they can be easily carried and used in numerous locations around your home, even when you’re not in your wheelchair. These cushions are highly versatile and you may find that you enjoy being able to use your cushion in others. Some of our suggestions include using your wheelchair cushion in your favorite chair or while in bed reading. We also understand that with limited mobility, ease of use is absolutely necessary. We’ve covered the cushions in an attractive zip off vinyl cover so that they are easy to clean should there ever be any unexpected accidents or spills. Simply wipe the cover clean and the Wheelchair Seat Cushion is good for continued use. For further ease we’ve made sure that the Wheelchair Seat Cushions are suitable for nearly all wheelchairs. Our cushions are easy to insert or remove so that it is convenient to use your cushion in other areas and then return it to your chair when necessary. We wanted to give you as many options as possible so there are a few to choose from so that you can select the cushion that is right for your needs. Some of the options include a comfortable and supportive memory foam or a dual layered construction for extra support and most of the pillows come in a 2” or 3” offering. Simply select the one that best suits your needs and you’ll feel the immediate difference the very first time you use it. You’ll be able to sit in your wheelchair much longer without feeling any pain or discomfort.

If you feel that your situation needs a specialized pillow we are more than eager to work with you to meet your needs. We have a custom made service that will help you get the exact pillow you’re looking for. Contact us for advice and for a comprehensive quote.


Memory foam wheelchair cushions waterproof VP cover

Luxury memory foam cushions - in stock! memory (vasco) foam wheelchair cushion image

Waterproof wheelchair cushions - Creating Comforts new range of water resistant temperature responsive combination memory & PU foam cushion have been uniquely designed to offer comfort, support and durability. The wheelchair cushion is designed to fit all standard wheelchairs. The memory foam wheelchair cushion measures approximately 17" x 17". We offer this cushion in two depths (2" and 3")...

Wheelchair Seat Cushion Vinyl Cover - All Sizes

Wheelchair Seat Cushion Vinyl Cover - All Sizes

Creating comforts innovative range of wheelchair seat cushions have been uniquely designed to offer comfort, support and durability. The wheelchair seat cushion has been tailored to fit in every standard wheelchair. We offer this cushion in two depths (2” and 3”) to suit our customer’s different needs. We advise that the people of a standard body weight opt for the 2" cush...

Bevelled Wheelchair Cushion 43x43x13cm

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Creating Comforts bevelled wheelchair cushion is constructed to fit any standard wheelchair. The snug fit will ensure ample support as well as providing comfort and warmth when you are using your wheelchair. Made from a quality high density combustion modified foam, this 3 1/2" wheelchair bevelled cushion is well made and gives excellent value for money. Please note that the depth of the foa...