V Pillows

V Shaped Pillow - Our V pillow is designed to give excellent back support. The V pillow gives unrivaled comfort as a maternity pillow, offers orthopaedic back support for sitting comfortably while reading, watching TV or resting in bed whilst convalescing.

As a result of customer feedback,we now have a few variants of the V Shape pillow which caters for individual needs. Used within Nursing Homes and the NHS the V pillow is extremely popular for giving that little bit of extra comfort where it is needed most.

V pillow - Variants

  • Standard V shaped pillow with free poly cotton cream v pillow case

  • V shape pillow with removable inner 'soft' feel pvc case tuck flap & outter poly cotton cream case.

  • V pillow with waterproof sealed inner 'soft' pvc case & outter poly cotton cover - ideal for NHS, Care homes, incontinence.

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V Pillow - Orthopedic Back Support Reading Pillows

Our V Pillows Comes with a Free Pillowcase v_pillow_image.jpg

The unique V shaped pillow is ideal to give you excellent orthopaedic support for your back and neck as you sit reading or watching television. Our V shaped pillow is hollow fibre filled and fitted with a Free washable poly cotton cream coloured pillowcase. All of our V Pillows comply with British fire safety standards. The V pillow is truly versatile and is fantastic as a...

V Pillow Sealed In Waterproof Heavy Duty Soft PVC.Prevents fluid Ingress

Supplied To NHS And Nursing Homes. Pillowcase

Creating Comforts waterproof V pillow has been added to our range due to customer demand. Our research found that there was definitely a need for a sealed waterproof V pillow however, it was not available as with standard shaped protective pillows. Given both customer feedback and our own findings, development continued to provide a waterproof pillow to meet this demand. Supplied to the N...

Body Hug V Pillow "Wrap Around Comfort"

Our Body Hug wrap around V Pillow is NEW TO THE MARKET and what fantastic news this is for all of us, there are many back support cushions and pillows on the market however this unique design offers more with the comfort of full anatomical support for the upper body. This promotes good seating posture giving you what is known as balanced seating the optimum seating angle for alleviating unneces...

Body Hug V Pillow *COVER ONLY

Our pillow case is made from poly cotton fabric,is fully machine washable and easy to refit

V Shaped Waterproof Pillow Protector ,Heavy Duty Soft PVC

*COVER ONLY* As Supplied To The NHS

PVC V Pillow Protector Ideal for protecting your pillow against staining from perspiration and accidental spillage prolonging the life of your pillow. Constructed from a soft heavy duty waterproof pvc is the ideal companion for Creating Comforts v shaped pillows, (will fit most other brands with the similar / standard size dimensions). A tuck in flap makes for easy fitting and removal.The ...

V Pillow Case


V shaped pillow cases to fit creating comforts V pillow or other standard size v shaped pillows as well as our waterproof V pillow. Cream Coloured poly cotton fabric pillowcase with 'tuck flap' that is fully machine washable. Dimensions are approximately 27"x12"x 27"x12" (67.5x30cm x 67.5x30cm)so our pillowcases should fit the majority of v pillows available on todays market. V Pillow cas...