Bariatric Cushion With Vapour Permeable Cover Cover

As Supplied To NHS

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Being of a higher body weight can make it difficult to find the right products to meet your needs. Standard sizes apply to most markets however should you fall out of this category, choice is often limited with fewer products available.

Manufactured in the UK to a high standard, our Bariatric cushion has undertaken stringent clinical evaluation, designed to be robust with a combination of high load bearing forms, this quality cushion will deliver excellent pressure distribution within the weight limit specified

Creating Comforts Bariatric wheelchair cushion will fit wider wheelchairs and daycare chairs,offering adequate seating support and pressure relief which helps in the prevention of pressure sores. Fitted with a 2 way stretch knitted polyester vapour permeable cover with anti slip base for comfort, with the addes benefit of ensuring the cushion remains fresh and protected from fluid ingress.

There is no need to remove the cover for cleaning purposes, a simply wipe over action with warm soapy water or suitable antibacterial wipes will suffice.

Dimensions 660x457x102mm Maximum load weight 54st/343kg

Bariatric Wheelchair Cushion Key Features

  • Fits wider wheelchairs and can be used as a standard chair cushion
  • Constructed from triple layered High load bearing foam
  • Provides excellent pressure distribution for weights up to 54st/343kg

  • Conforms to BS6807 1996 and fire retardancy regulations 1988
  • Gives comfort and support to higher body weights Dimensions 660x457x102mm
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