Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress from £219.95

Pocket Sprung Memory Foam Mattress from £219.95

Flexcell Memory Foam pocket sprung mattresses. Free UK Delivery on our range of quality Mattresses by market leader Breasley offering the comfort and orthopaedic support of memory foam.


Flexcell™ Contour Pocket Memory 1000™

This is a revolutionary new mattress which brings together the amazing moulding characteristics of Memory foam and traditional pocket springs.As memory foam reacts to body heat,the surface layer moulds to the contours of your body ensuring maximum contact with the mattress. This will give the benefit of ensuring correct spine alignment while still giving the full support and rebound propertie...

Flexcell™ Contour Pocket Memory 1200™

The Memory Pocket 1200 mattress has 1200 springs, (equivalent to 1200 pocket springs in 150cm mattress). The greater number of springs increases the responsiveness of the mattress giving a more cushioned feel.