Memory foam moulding pillow Neck pillow Travel pillow

Memory foam moulding pillow Neck pillow Travel pillow
Memory foam moulding pillow Neck pillow Travel pillow Memory foam moulding pillow Neck pillow Travel pillow Memory foam moulding pillow Neck pillow Travel pillow Memory foam moulding pillow Neck pillow Travel pillow

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The secret element to this pillow is a deluxe moulded memory foam core created by pouring molten memory foam into a cast. After the liquid sets and the curing process is over it is time to lie down and enjoy the sumptuous amounts of relaxation and support.

Unlike regular fibre, crumbed foam or feather filled pillows this supportive memory foam pillow wont depress during sleep. Instead the luxurious pillows constantly adjust to provide your head and neck the best support possible to give you the best nights rest imaginable.

  • Anyone that suffers frequent headaches. A memory foam p illow will help to stabilize your head, neck, and shoulder which will help to quicken rel ief.

  • Individuals that are back or side sleepers. Due to the me mory foams ability to mold to your own body they are idea for people that like to sleep on their side or back. No matter how you sleep it will help to keep your vertebrae aligned.

  • Sufferers of sleep apnea. You’ll find that as the pillow holds you head in the most ideal position for breathing which will aid your illness and help ke ep you breathing easily throughout the night.

  • Anyone with neck and shoulder pain. As you use the pillow s they keep your body aligned properly which will help to relieve any neck and shou lder pain you suffer.

  • Individuals looking for a long lasting and durable pillow. A fter each use the pillow returns to its original shape making each use feel like t he very first time. No more worrying about a pillow that will flatten and wear out quickly.

  • Created from innovative memory foam technology
  • Consists of 100% high quality visco-elastic foam
  • Unique and versatile pillow designed for multiple uses
  • Made and dispatched in the UK
  • Each pillow is fitted with a luxury cotton feel cover

  • Memory foam pillows are a fantastic option as an ine xpensive alternative or addition to other treatments Memory Foam Molding Pillow Neck Pillow Anyone that has ever slept with a pillow that just isn’ t quite right knows how important it is to have a decent pillow. A pillow without support means wak ing up multiple times throughout the night, constantly having to rearrange the pillow, and aches and pains in the morning. These are problems that no one wants to have to deal with, especi ally when getting into bed for the night. This is a special time to relax and with the right pill ow you’ll wonder why you ever get out of bed at all. The Memory Foam Molding Pillow Neck Pillow is the pil low you need. It gives you the look and appeal of a traditional pillow but with the added benef it of incredible support. You’ll no longer have any of the problems you faced with a regular no n-memory foam pillow. Each of the pillows consists of a deluxe molded memory foam core which is created by pouring the hot memory foam into a preset mold. As the liquid c ures and becomes solid the pillow becomes ready for use. This unique method develops a pillo w that is soft yet firm enough to be incredibly supportive. As you use the pillow you’ll notic e that it quickly returns to its original shape meaning you won’t have to constantly replace the pi llow like you often have to do with traditional options.


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